CTW Terms of Service

These Terms of Service (hereinafter "Terms" ) set forth the Terms for the use of the CTW ID service provided by CTW G123 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD. ("CTW"). Please be sure to read and agree to these Terms before using the services.

1. Applicable

  1. These Terms aim to establish the provision conditions of the Services (defined in Article 2) and the rights and obligations between CTW and the User (defined in Article 2) regarding the use of the Services. It applies to all relationships related to the use of the Services between the User and CTW.
  2. Regarding the rules of using the Services provided by CTW( "Separate Terms"), they are also applied to the use of the Services as an integral part of these Terms. If the contents are different, these Terms shall take precedence.
  3. CTW may modify these Terms within a reasonable range without notifying the User in advance. If these Terms are modified, they shall be applied after notifying the modification, and if the User uses the Services after the Terms are modified, it is considered that the User has agreed to the modified Terms.

2. Definitions of Terms

The following words and terms shall have the meanings set forth below when they are used in these Terms.

  1. "CTW ID Terms of Service" refers to these Terms and the Utilization Contract of the Services concluded between CTW and the User.
  2. "CTW" refers to CTW G123 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD..
  3. "This site" refers to the website "CTW ID".
  4. "the Services" means all information provided through this site.
  5. "Membership Services" means the service that can only be used by members of the Services.
  6. "Membership Registration Applicant" means a person who wishes to be provided with Membership Services.
  7. "Membership Registration" means that the Membership Registration Applicant agrees to these Terms, and applies for the provision of Membership Services through the method specified by these Terms and CTW.
  8. "Member" means a person who wishes to be provided with the Services, agrees to these Terms, has completed the Membership Registration, and has been approved by CTW.
  9. "User" means anyone who uses the Services provided by CTW, including Members.
  10. "Registration Information" means information disclosed to CTW by the Member when registering as a Member and using the Services.
  11. "Personal Information" means all Registered Information that can identify a specific individual, such as an e-mail address.
  12. "Authentication Information" means the Registered Information necessary for CTW to authenticate the connection from the Member, including the ID and password.
  13. "Withdrawal" means canceling the Membership Registration and terminating the provision of Membership Services through the method specified by these Terms and CTW.

3. The Services

  1. The Services is a platform for distributing games operated by CTW. In addition, the game companies that distribute games within the Services are called "Distribution Game Companies".
  2. CTW may add new services to the Services or modify the service contents as necessary. Members shall use the Services after consenting to them in advance.
  3. In-game items, play rights, electronic money that can be used in the game, etc. are sold by the Distribution Game Companies.
  4. When playing a game or purchasing items, play rights, or electronic money that can be used in the game, the Terms of the Distribution Game Companies of the game will apply.

4. Membership Registration

  1. One who wishes to use the Services ("Registration Applicant") agrees to comply with these Terms and provide certain information ("Registration Information") through the method specified by CTW, and shall apply for registration of use of the Services.
  2. The application for registration must be made by the individual or corporation who uses the Services, and in principle, the application for registration by an agent is not accepted. The Registration Applicant must also provide CTW with truthful, accurate and up-to-date information when applying for registration.
  3. If the Registration Applicant is a minor, they should apply after obtaining the consent of the parent or guardian. If an application is made by a minor, CTW shall consider that the consent of the parent or guardian has been obtained before accepting the application.
  4. CTW may refuse the registration if the person who applied for registration based on Article 4.1 falls under any of the following reasons.
    • When CTW determines that there is a risk of violating these Terms
    • When all or part of the Registration Information provided is false statement, clerical error, or has omitted contents
    • When the registration as a User of the Services has been canceled in the past
    • When the User is a minor or a person under guardianship, curatorship or assistance, and the User have not obtained the consent of a legal representative, guardian, curator or assistant
    • When CTW determines that the User is engaged in the antisocial forces (gang, gangsters, right-wing groups, and other equivalent persons; the same shall apply hereinafter) or organizations that maintain, operate, or manage antisocial forces through funding
    • When any other registrations are judged inappropriate by CTW
  5. CTW will determine whether or not the Registration Applicant can be registered in accordance with the preceding paragraphs, and if CTW approves the registration, the applicant will be notified to that effect. By such notification, the registration of the Registration Applicant as a User is completed, and a contract for using the Services in accordance with the provisions of these Terms (hereinafter "Utilization Contract") is established between the User and CTW.
  6. CTW shall not be obliged to clarify the reason to the Registration Applicant even if the applicant is not approved in the judgment set forth in the preceding paragraphs. Even in this case, CTW shall not be obliged to return the documents, etc. received from the Registration Applicant.
  7. If CTW approves the Membership Registration Application of the Membership Registration Applicant, CTW and the Membership Registration Applicant shall conclude a Utilization Contract upon the Membership Services with these Terms.
  8. The Member shall be regarded to have agreed to receive the Membership Services when CTW approves the membership.
  9. Members may not transfer, lend, change their name, provide collateral, or otherwise use the right to receive Membership Services for the use of a third party.
  10. Membership Services include services that require the registration of unique information. When a Member uses each of these services, he/she shall accurately register and use the necessary information in accordance with the guidelines specified by each service.
  11. If there is a change in the Registeration Information, the Member shall notify CTW of the change and submit the materials requested by CTW without delay through methods specified by CTW.
  12. If the registration as a User is approved based on Article 4.5, CTW will open an account designated by CTW (hereinafter "Account").

5. Change of Registration Information and Management of Authentication Information

  1. Members shall manage the Authentication Information at their own risk and expense, and may not allow use of the Authentication Information by a third party, or lend, transfer, buy or sell, pledge, or disclose it.
  2. The member shall be liable for damages caused by information leakage due to insufficient management of Authentication Information, mistakes in use, use by a third party, unauthorized access, etc., and CTW shall not be liable at all. In the unlikely event that damage occurs to CTW due to unauthorized use of Authentication Information, the Member shall compensate for the damage.
  3. If the Membership Information is changed, the Authentication Information is known to a third party, or if there is a suspicion that the Authentication Information is being used by a third party, the Member shall notify CTW immediately through methods specified by these Terms and CTW, and follow the instructions of CTW if any.
  4. CTW shall not be liable for any disadvantages such as the inability to use the Member Service if the Member fails to make notification set forth in the preceding paragraphs.
  5. If the Member does not make the notification in Article 5.3, CTW shall be able to withdraw the membership.

6. Registration Information, Personal Information

Please refer to CTW's Privacy Policy.

7. Withdrawal

  1. The Member can withdraw from the membership by following the procedures prescribed by CTW. In addition, upon Withdrawal, the Member shall lose the right to receive information and all rights acquired within the service as a Member. However, due to the system of the Membership Service, it may take some time from the completion of the Withdrawal procedure by the Member until the procedure is reflected on the system, and the Member shall consent to this time period determined by CTW.
  2. If the Member falls under any of the following conditions, or if CTW determines that there is a risk of it, CTW may withdraw the membership at its discretion immediately, without notifying the Member in advance and without the consent of the Member.
    • When the Member violates these Terms
    • When the Registration Information is false or incorrect
    • When the Member uses or tries to use the Services for a purpose or method that may cause damage to CTW, other users, Distribution Game Companies or other third parties
    • When it is determined that the e-mail address obtained by CTW through inquiries is not functioning
    • When the Member interferes with the operation of the Services by any means
    • When the Membership Registration is done by a third party
    • When there are duplicate Membership Registrations
    • When the Prohibitions set forth in Article 9 are carried out
    • When the Member dies
    • If the Member has not used the Services for 6 months or more and has not responded to contact from CTW
    • When each item of Article 4.4 is applicable
    • When any other behavior as a member is determined to be inappropriate by CTW
  3. In the case of the preceding paragraphs, if CTW suffers any damage, the Member shall compensate CTW for the damage.
  4. CTW shall not be obliged to disclose to the member the reason for Withdrawal in Article 7.2.
  5. When withdrawing from the membership by reasons specified in 7.2, the contract between the Member and CTW shall be terminated, and the Member shall lose all rights to use the Services.
  6. If the Member loses membership, he/she shall lose the right to receive all services of this site.

8. Disclaimer

  1. CTW does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, legality, absence of defects, security, suitability for a specific purpose, absence of infringement, or any other matters regarding the Services.
  2. CTW shall not be liable for any compensation for suspending, stopping, terminating, making unusable or changing the provision of the Services, deletion or loss of the User's message or information, cancelling the User's registration, the loss of data or malfunction of equipment due to use of the Services or any other damage suffered by the User in connection with the Services.
  3. If the User causes damage to a third party by using the Services, the User shall compensate for this at his/her own expense and responsibility.
  4. Transactions, communications, disputes, etc. that occur between the User and other users, Distribution Game Companies or other third parties related to the Services shall be handled and resolved at the User's responsibility. CTW is not responsible for any such matters.
  5. CTW shall not be liable for any damages caused by the inability to use the Services due to problems, errors, failures due to excessive access, etc. that occur in the Services.
  6. CTW shall not be liable for compensation of any damages to the computer, line, software, etc. caused by downloading from the websites of third parties including the Services, advertisers, and Distribution Game Companies, or computer virus infections.
  7. The Services, contents and information on this site shall be the things CTW is able to provide at that time. CTW does not guarantee anything of the completeness, accuracy, applicability, usefulness, usability, safety, certainty, etc. regarding the information provided by CTW, the texts registered/transmitted (transmitted) by the User, or other contents and software.
  8. CTW may provide information and advice to Users as appropriate, but CTW is not responsible for the results.
  9. CTW is not liable for any data corruption caused by the Services due to some external factors.
  10. CTW shall not be liable for any transactions (exchange of in-game items, etc.) between Members and third parties including Distribution Game Companies conducted through the Services, and all transactions are under the responsibility of the third parties and the Members.
  11. If these Terms or Separate Terms correspond to the Consumer Contract of Article 2.3 of the Consumer Contract Law, and the provision of this agreement and individual agreement that completely exempts our liability for damages does not apply, when the damage caused to the User is based on CTW's default or tort, CTW shall be liable only for the damage directly suffered by the User. However, it is necessary for CTW to have intentional or gross negligence.

9. Prohibitions

The User shall not perform the following acts when using the Services. In addition, if a Member does any of the following, CTW may immediately suspend the usage of the Services and take measures such as deleting his/her contents including profile information and other information posted by the Member.

  • Acts that infringe or may infringe intellectual property rights such as copyrights and trademark rights of CTW, other Users or other third parties (hereinafter referred to as "others")
  • Acts related to criminal acts or acts contrary to public order and morals
  • Acts that infringe or may infringe the property, privacy, portrait rights or other rights of others
  • Providing personal information of a specific individual
  • Acts that discriminate against or slander others, or damage the reputation or credibility of others
  • Acts that are judged to be excessively or inappropriately directed to a specific external website
  • Acts that are judged to have an adverse effect on children and teenagers
  • Acts of tampering with or erasing accessible contents or information of the Services or contents or information of others
  • Acts of impersonating CTW or others (including acts of crafting parts such as email headers to spoof)
  • Acts of sending harmful computer programs, etc., or keeping them in a state where others can receive them
  • Pre-election campaigns, election campaigns (including similar acts) or acts that violate the Public Offices Election Act
  • Acts of sending advertisements, promotions, solicitations, or other e-mails or e-mails with disgust (including e-mails that may be disgusting) to others without permission, or interfering with the reception of other people's e-mails. Acts of requesting chained mail forwarding, or acts of forwarding in response to such request
  • Acts that put a load on the server beyond the act of using the Services normally, or acts that promote it. Acts that interfere with or hinder the operation/provision of the Services or the use of the Services by other users
  • Distributing information, devices, software, etc. to cancel or avoid access control functions of servers, etc.
  • The act of duplicating, amending, reprinting, modifying, changing, reverse engineering, disassembling, decompiling, translating or analyzing the functions provided by the Services.
  • The act of obtaining the Registration Information of another person without obtaining the consent of the person or by fraudulent means (including so-called phishing and similar means)
  • Acts of using all or part of the Services for commercial purposes regardless of how it is used (including acts for the purpose of preparing them)
  • If procedures such as notification to regulatory agencies, acquisition of permits, etc. are obligatory based on laws and regulations, acts of using the Services without performing such procedures, and other violations of the relevant laws and regulations, or acts of having the risk of violating the relevant laws and regulations
  • Acts that interfere with the operation of the Services, acts that interfere with the exchange or sharing of information led by others, acts that are disadvantageous to CTW or others (such as infringing the credibility or property rights, etc.)
  • Acts that obviously hinder CTW's business such as making long-term calls, repeating similar inquiries excessively, or forcing affairs without obligation or reason on CTW
  • In addition to the above issues, acts that violate laws or these Terms, or acts that violate public order and morals (including acts that promote or induce violence, sending or displaying cruel images, encouraging suicide, etc.)
  • Acts of spreading links in which the data, etc. of an act corresponding to any of the above issues (including the case where another person is performing the act) can be found for the purpose of promoting the act
  • Other acts that CTW deems inappropriate as a User

10. Attribution Of Rights

  1. Intellectual Property rights such as copyrights and other rights related to the Services belong to CTW or its licensors.
  2. Intellectual Property rights such as copyrights and other rights related to games distributed by the Services belong to the Distribution Game Companies or their licensors.
  3. The User shall represent and warrant to CTW that he/she has the legitimate right to post or otherwise send the posted data and that the posted data does not infringe the rights of third parties.
  4. The User shall grant CTW a worldwide, non-exclusive, free, sublicensable and transferable license of using, copying, distributing, and creating, displaying, executing derivative works of the posted data. The User shall also grant other registered Users a non-exclusive license of using, copying, distributing, and creating, displaying, executing derivative works of posted data posted or transmitted by Users using the Services.
  5. The User shall agree not to exercise the moral rights of the author against CTW and those who have inherited or been licensed the rights from CTW.
  6. The license to use the Services based on these Terms does not mean the license of Intellectual Property rights such as copyrights of CTW or its licensors, or other rights related to the Services.

11. Pause, Suspension, or End Of The Services

  1. CTW shall be able to suspend all or part of the Services without notifying the User in advance at any of the following cases.
    • When performing regular or urgent inspection or maintenance work of the computer system related to the Services
    • When the operation of the Services becomes impossible due to force majeure such as fire, power outage, natural disaster, etc.
    • When the operation of the Services becomes impossible due to war, civil war, riots, revolts, labor disputes, etc.
    • When the Services cannot be provided due to a defect in the computer system for providing this service, unauthorized access from a third party, computer virus infection, etc.
    • When the Services cannot be provided due to measures based on laws, decree, etc.
    • In other cases when CTW determines that suspension or suspension is necessary
  2. CTW may terminate the provision of the Services in certain situations. In this case, CTW will notify the User in advance. However, this does not apply in case of emergency.
  3. CTW shall be able to freely change the contents or name of the Services without notifying the User and a third party by e-mail etc. in advance.
  4. CTW shall not be liable for any damage caused to the User for measures taken based on Article 11.

12. Equipment Burden, Usage Environment

  1. The preparation and maintenance of computers, software and other equipments, communication lines and other communication environments necessary to receive the provision of this service shall be carried out at the user's expense and responsibility.
  2. The User shall take security measures such as prevention of computer virus infection, unauthorized access and information leakage according to the usage environment of his/her own service at his/her own expense and responsibility.
  3. When the User installs software, etc. on the User's computer, etc. by downloading from CTW's website or by other methods at the start of using the Services or while using the Services, sufficient care shall be taken to prevent the dissappearing or alteration of information held by the User, equipment failure or damage, etc., and CTW shall not be liable for any such damages incurred by the User.

13. Validity Period

The Utilization Contract takes effect between CTW and the User on the day when the registration of the User is completed based on Article 4 and remains valid until the day when the registration of the User is canceled or the day when the provision of the Services ends, whichever is earlier.

14. Revision Of The Rules

  1. CTW may revise these Terms at any time.
  2. If CTW intends to revise these Terms, CTW will notify the User when appropriate using e-mail or the website related to the Services.
  3. Based on the preceding paragraph, if the Member does not withdraw within the period specified by CTW from the date of notification of the revision of these Terms (or one week from the date of notification if there is no provision), the Member would be regarded as agreeing with the revision of these Terms. It is deemed that the revised Terms will take effect between the Member and CTW.
  4. The Member shall not be able to file a complaint of ignorance or disapproval of the contents after the time they become effective as set forth in the preceding paragraph.

15. Governing Law

These terms shall be construed in accordance with Singapore governing law.

16. Consultation/Court Of Competent Jurisdiction

  1. If there is any doubt or problem with the User, CTW, or a third party related to CTW or the Services, CTW will discuss it in good faith and strive to solve it.
  2. If any doubt or problem cannot be resolved by the discussion set forth in the preceding paragraph, the Tokyo Summary Court or the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement Court of competent jurisdiction of the first trial.

17. Contact Address

For opinions, questions, complaints, and other inquiries regarding the handling of User Information regarding the Services, please contact the following address.

Contact Address

Company Name: CTW G123 SINGAPORE PTE. LTD.


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