About G123

About G123

G123 is a gaming service providing games that can be played on mobile devices, or any web browser, with no download or registration required.

G123 provides high-quality games based on popular Japanese anime franchises that can be played on mobile, tablet or PC. Recent popular games include our strategy game Vivid Army, and the popular anime game adaptations TSUKIMICHI -Moonlit Fantasy- and Queen's Blade Limit Break.

Why is G123 making browser games?

G123 aims to keep up with the changes and growth of the online gaming market by providing innovative services that can be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere. This is why we have adopted a browser game format that requires no installation and allows for easy updates. We strive to provide our players with new experiences every day.

Why are G123 games offered for free?

G123's games are free-to-play, but we also offer some paid services, such as in-game purchases. The revenue from these purchases covers the operating costs of the platform and games.

Download and installation requirements for G123 games

G123 games can be played directly in your browser. No download or installation is required, and there is no need to register an account or enter any personal information. In addition, G123 provides first-of-a-kind system that allows players to access saved data from multiple devices easily by making an in-game purchase.

G123's Game Safety Initiatives

In light of the problems caused by minors' excessive use of our game services for PC/tablet/mobile (hereinafter referred to as "game apps"), from the perspective of consumer protection and compliance with various laws and regulations, we are making the following efforts as a platform operator and provider to ensure that all users can use our services safely and with peace of mind.

  1. Prohibit Minors from making in-game purchases
  2. Prohibit RMT
  3. Prohibit cheating
  4. Educate players about rules and manners
  5. Clearly state our privacy policy
  6. Provide a contact point for inquiries.
  7. Take game health issues (especially health issues of minors) seriously

Details are described based on the Payment Services Act