Game Terms of Service

Regarding the service "G123" operated and provided by CTW (hereinafter referred to as "the Services", including applications that need to be installed when using this service), Terms of Service (hereinafter referred to as "Terms") are as follows.

1. Introduction

The User can use the Services on the premise that he/she agrees to these Terms. Using the Services shall be regarded as agreeing to these Terms. The User shall use the Services within the range specified by CTW according to the conditions (such as age and usage environment) specified by CTW. CTW shall be able to arbitrarily change, suspend or terminate the contents of the Services and all services provided using the Services at any time. Users who do not agree to these Terms shall not be able to use the Services, and shall immediately stop downloading, installing or using the Services. If the User has already installed the Services, it shall be uninstalled. The User shall use the Services by operating his/her own smartphone or tablet terminal (hereinafter referred to as "Terminals").

2. Changes To These Terms

CTW may revise these Terms at any time without prior notice to the User or without the consent of the User. The changed Terms shall be posted on the Services or the website designated separately by CTW, and shall become effective when the posting is made. If the User uses the Services after these Terms are changed, it is considered that he/she has agreed to these changed Terms. If the User does not agree to the changed Terms, he/she shall immediately stop using the Services and uninstall the Services. The changed Terms shall also apply to the User's actions before the change.

3. Attribution Of Rights Such As Copyright

Except for the rights regarding what the User has created, copyrights, other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, other personality rights, ownership rights, and other property rights that occur in the text, images, programs, and all other information that make up the Services belong to CTW or a third party who has the rights. CTW saves all information posted, uploaded or saved by the user in the Services (including but not limited to text information, image information, etc., hereinafter referred to as "User Contents"). For the purpose of smooth operation and improvement of the Services, it can be used in all forms free of charge, indefinitely and unconditionally, which the Users are regarded as agreeing to.

4. Handling Of User Information And User Contents

CTW may acquire the following information (hereinafter referred to as "User Information") regarding the Services. Information about the individual user: the account name (including the case where the user's real name is used), telephone number, email address, date of birth, gender, etc. that the user registered with the Services and sent to us. Information about the terminal used: device used, OS, terminal language setting, access country, etc. Information about communication environment: communication carrier, communication environment, access area, etc. Information about usage status: version of the Services, usage history of the Services, etc. When CTW stores or accumulates User Information, CTW will handle it in accordance with due care based on CTW's Privacy Policy, and will use it for the following purposes: Operation of the Services (including providing all information from CTW to Users), providing information of CTW's services (not limited to the Services) that we judge to be beneficial to Users, or the products and services of advertiser companies and partner companies, contacting the Users regarding matters that significantly affect the operation of the Services (including, but not limited to, major changes and suspension of the contents of the Services), contacting to ask the user for consent regarding the handling of User Information. Creation of statistical information related to the usage status of the Services, publication on the Service or CTW's website, etc., sale to third parties, and other provision, providing advertisements and other information according to the User's age, occupation, gender, hobbies/preferences, etc. CTW is not obligated to store User Information and User Contents, and CTW does not guarantee their integrity or availability. If the User wants to preserve User Information and User Contents, he/she shall back up at his/her own risk. When the User withdraws from the Services or CTW terminates the operation of the Services, CTW shall be able to delete all User Information and User Contents at CTW's discretion, and CTW will not respond to requests such as its return.

5. Fees And Costs

Users shall be able to use the Services free of charge. However, CTW charges for all or part of the functions that can be added or expanded according to the User's choice, and other paid services (including, but not limited to, sales of points, items, etc. that can be used within the Services) may be provided. CTW may change the price of functions that are free or charged in the Services at CTW's discretion. The User shall agree in advance that if he/she does not consent to the change, he/she may not be able to use all or part of the Services. The User is responsible for all costs such as purchase, installation or maintenance of terminals, packet charges, data usage charges and other communication charges necessary for using the Services.

6. Use Of Points And Items

  1. Points, items, etc. that can be used in the Services will be given to the customer by purchase in the Services, campaigns, or other methods specified by CTW. The purchase unit, payment method, and other coin grant conditions are determined by CTW and displayed within the Services or on the website.
  2. Points, items, etc. cannot be exchanged for cash, property or other economic benefits other than the services or contents specified by CTW. Other terms of use, such as points and items required for exchanging services or contents, are determined by CTW and displayed within this application or on this website.
  3. Points, items, etc. can only be used with the account that acquired them. In addition, points, items, etc. provided by terminal devices with different operating systems cannot be inherited or combined because their types are different even if they have the same name.
  4. No refunds will be given for points, items, etc. for any reason. However, this does not apply if legally required. The refund method in this case will be determined by CTW in accordance with the law and will be displayed in this application or on this website.
  5. Points, items, etc. are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance to the customer. When the validity period ends, unused points, items, etc. shall become unusable. Notwithstanding the preceding paragraph, if the customer loses the qualification to use the Services due to withdrawal, etc., unused points, items, etc. shall also become unusable.

7. Prohibitions

CTW prohibits Users from any of the following acts regarding the use of the Service. Acts that violate or may violate laws, public order and morals, or these Terms. Acts that infringe copyrights or other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights or other personality rights, ownership rights or other property rights of CTW or a third party. Acts that unfairly discriminate against or slander CTW or a third party, or acts that damage the honor or credibility of CTW or the Services. Acts of posting, writing, or uploading any User Contents, including expressions or contents that harass, assult, profane, or show aversion to third parties. Acts of posting links to adult sites, dating sites, etc., or sending inappropriate messages to other members. Acts that cause or may cause the acquisition, disclosure, falsification or leakage of information that can identify a specific individual such as name, telephone number, email address, address, or non-public information, trade secrets, and confidential information of companies and organizations without the permission of the person or the right holder. Acts of impersonating a third party and registering or posting other false information. Acts that go against the will of other Users, such as the act of following other Users relentlessly. Unauthorized access, misleading acts such as acting as someone else, or acts that may cause such misunderstandings. Promotion, announcement, solicitation of transactions similar to Pyramid scheme, MLM, network business and other chain lectures, and their transaction activities. Acts for the purpose of profit that are performed without the approval of CTW. Religious and political activities and their promotion, announcement and solicitation. Acts of holding multiple user accounts or sharing user accounts with multiple people without the approval of CTW. Acts of exchanging game data for real money or goods. Acts that significantly put a load on the server or network for operating the Services. Acts of modifying, damaging, or disassembling, decompiling, or reverse engineering the Services. Acts of illegally acquiring various contents provided by CTW through the Services (including, but not limited to, points, items, etc. that can be used within the Services, hereinafter referred to as "in-service Contents"), or the acts of promoting this. Acts of transferring to or making a third party use the user account, in-service Contents and all or part of the rights or profits available to the Users in the Services in consideration of cash or other property profits, and its promotion/announcement/solicitation. Acts that cause or may cause inconvenience or damage to CTW or a third party. Acts that interfere with or may interfere with the operation of the Services. Other acts that CTW deems inappropriate.

8. Disclaimer

CTW does not guarantee that the Services or performing the Services does not infringe the rights of third parties. The User shall use the Service at his/her own risk and judgment. CTW does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, accuracy, validity, applicability, usefulness and availability of the Services, and CTW does not guarantee the purpose of use of the User and the suitability for the terminal used. In the Services, CTW shall not be liable for any troubles (proposals of illegal or offensive acts, defamation, insults, privacy infringement, intimidation, slander, harassment, etc.) that occur between Users and between Users and third parties. CTW may suspend or terminate the use of the Services when the Services cannot be used temporarily or for a long period of time due to natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, thunders, heavy rains, floods, or other force majeure such as wars, internal disturbances, riots, turmoil, labor disputes, or temporary or large-scale maintenance of systems required for the operation of the Services, congestion of network lines, a failure of the provider, or other troubles related to the operation of the Services. CTW is not responsible to Users for events above. CTW shall not be liable to the User for any damage caused to the User due to the actions of a third party such as unauthorized access to the Service or intrusion of a computer virus. CTW is not responsible for any damages to Users or third parties that occur in connection with the Services. In addition, CTW will not refund money etc. once paid by the User regardless of the reason. CTW does not guarantee that any third-party website that can be transitioned to from the Services by link does not violate legality, consistency, safety, accuracy, public order and morals, etc. CTW is not obligated to answer or to take any action in response to inquiries, opinions such as improvements, suggestions, feedback, etc. from Users regarding the Services at CTW's discretion. CTW may take any action in response to inquiries, opinions, suggestions, feedback, etc. from Users, but it is not interpreted as an obligation to respond to, report, or provide financial compensation to the individual User. Even if CTW bears the liability for damages to the User despite the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, the maximum amount shall be the amount paid by the user to CTW in the last month CTW has intentional or gross negligence.

9. Device And Account Management

When using the Services, the User shall manage his/her own terminal used for the usage and his/her own account (hereinafter referred to as "User Account") acquired by user registration at his/her own risk. The User shall be liable for any act performed using his/her own terminal or User Account, regardless of who actually uses the terminal or account, and shall compensate for damages if CTW or a third party suffers damage due to such acts. CTW will not be liable for any damages the User suffers due to a malfunction or loss of the terminal used by the user, an attack by malware, spyware, virus, hacking, etc. from a third party, improper management of the User Account, an error in use, or the use of a third party. If the User Account is illegally acquired or the terminal or User Account may be used by a third party, the user shall take all necessary steps reasonably such as reporting to CTW to avoid causing damage to CTW or a third party.

10. Account Suspension, Etc.

If the User falls under any of the following conditions, CTW will suspend the provision of part or all of the Services, suspend and delete the use of the User Account, withdraw the membership, or take other measures CTW considers appropriate. CTW shall not be obligated to disclose the reason for the measure, and the User shall not be able to object to the measure of CTW. CTW reserves this right regardless of the reason, when the User's actions (including actions outside the Services and omissions) have hindered the operation of the Services, when CTW judges that the actions have interfered with or have a risk of interfering with the operation of the Services, or when CTW judges that the User's actions are inappropriate.

11. Prohibition Of Transfer Of Rights And Obligations

The User shall not assign, inherit, pledge or dispose of any rights or obligations based on these Terms to a third party.

12. Withdrawal

When the User withdraws from the Services, he/she shall immediately fulfill all the obligations he/she has to CTW at that time. If a User deletes the Services from the terminal, CTW will consider that the User has withdrawn. If the User downloads and uses the Services again, it may not be possible to regain registration information, etc. held before deleting the Services. When the User replaces the terminal used when using the Services due to repair or model change, etc., unless specified by CTW, the new terminal cannot use registration information, etc. held before the terminal was replaced.

13. Use By Minors

  1. A minor User shall download and use the Services including paid functions after obtaining the consent of a legal agent such as a parent or guardian.
  2. If a minor User uses the Service by falsely claiming to have consented without the consent of his/her legal representative, falsifying his/her age, or using other fraudulent means to make one believe that he/she has the capacity to act, all legal acts related to the Services cannot be revoked. In this case, all legal acts related to the Service cannot be rescinded.
  3. If a User who is a minor at the time of consenting to these Terms uses the Services when they are no longer a minor, the User shall be deemed to have accepted all legal acts related to the Services.

14. Termination Of The Services

CTW may terminate the provision of the Services at its discretion, and the User will be notified in advance through posting on the Services or the website operated by CTW, or by any other method CTW deems appropriate.

15. Change Of The Services

CTW may change the contents, specifications, prices, etc. of the Services, account or play data (including in-app currency and digital items) without prior notice to the User. Such changes may result in changes to the performance, effectiveness, or usefulness of the paid contents purchased the User.

16. Seperability

Even if any provision of these Terms is determined to be illegal, invalid or unenforceable due to conflict with laws and regulations, such provision and other provisions shall remain valid to the maximum extent possible to avoid such conflict.

17. Governing Law And Jurisdiction

These Terms shall be governed by and construed in accordance with Japanese law. The Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive agreement jurisdictional court of the first instance for all proceedings and other disputes concerning the Services and these Terms.
Established on November 30, 2014

Privacy Policy
CTW has laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information (information about living individuals that can be identified by a specific individual by the name, date of birth, or other description contained in the information) within the company. CTW will comply with the regulations, properly acquire and use the personal information handled, manage the personal information in a safe and up-to-date state, and properly dispose of it to protect the personal information.

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