Let's meet up, just like those old times… Pre-registrations are now open for Magical Circle Guru-Guru: Stardust Adventure on G123!


The anime based on a manga that sold 15 million copies finally gets its first online game adaptation!

CTW’s latest game, Magical Circle Guru-Guru: Stardust Adventure, is coming soon to  the G123 gaming platform, with pre-registrations now open.


The very first all-star Guru-Guru game is here!

Magical Circle Guru-Guru: Stardust Adventure is an original game based on the popular anime Magical Circle Guru-Guru, which celebrated its 5th anniversary of broadcasting  in July 2022. In this adventure RPG, players enter the picture-book world of Guru-Guru with Nike (VA: Shizuka Ishigami), Kukuri (VA: Konomi Kohara), and Old Man Kita Kita (VA: Katsuyuki Konishi).


Along with Nike and Kukuri, players can team up with other familiar characters like Juju (VA: You Taichi) and Toma (VA: Yukiyo Fujii), as well as Raid (VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto), Wrinkle Rat , and other members of the Demon Army. Battles are fully-automated, meaning you can play on the go.


Play with various characters using all the outfits they wear in the anime.
The time has come to embark on a picture-book adventure filled with mysteries and delights. May the stardust make all of your wishes come true!


Pre-registration Campaign Details

To pre-register for Magical Circle Guru-Guru: Stardust Adventure, follow the links below:

Official Site


Pre-registration Rewards

When the game releases, all players will receive rewards based on the number of pre-registrations. At 30,000 pre-registrations, players will receive 2,000 Rin (the same amount Nike and Kukuri were given for saving Dohgma Village). At 50,000 pre-registrations, players will receive the Stardust Sword that Nike used in his epic battle against Gold Kahsegi on Saw Mountain , along with other rewards. Finally, at 100,000 pre-registrations, players will receive the SSR character Kukuri (Alahabica).


Character Introductions

Nike (VA: Shizuka Ishigami)


Kukuri (VA: Konomi Kohara)


Old Man Kita Kita (VA: Katsuyuki Konishi)


Toma (VA: Yukiyo Fujii)


Juju (VA: You Taichi)


Runrun (VA: Saori Onishi)


Raid (VA: Nobuhiko Okamoto)


Game Information

Title: Magical Circle Guru-Guru Stardust Adventure
Genre: RPG
Price: Free (in-game purchases available) 

About Magical Circle Guru-Guru

The popular manga Magical Circle Guru-Guru began serialization in 1992, in the monthly magazine Shonen Gangan. It has since received three anime adaptations, the third coinciding with its 25th anniversary in 2017. This year, the series turns 30 years old, and its sequel, Magical Circle Guru-Guru 2, is currently enjoying great success on Gangan Online.

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