The TV anime GATE is getting its own game! Pre-registrations for GATE: Frontline Union are starting now!


Isekai meets the JSDF (Japan Self-Defense Forces) in a large-scale fantasy tale to be released on G123! is announcing a new HTML5 based game for their G123 platform. This game is based on the popular novel and anime by the name of GATE. We would like to announce that pre-registrations are starting from today, in all regions.

■ Look forward to an exciting fantasy tale featuring both isekai themes and the JSDF in a scale that’s never been seen before!


In GATE: Frontline Union you act as one of Itami’s (the hero of the anime) friends. Your mission is to assist the Japanese forces in gaining a foothold in the Special Region by developing their outposts. Become a JSDF member and step through the gate to another world!

■ How to register:
Please follow one of the steps below in order to pre-register.

Follow our official Twitter account

Register directly on the game's official site

■ Pre-registration event: Defeat the Imperial Army and obtain luxurious event rewards at the release!


Celebrating the commencement of the pre-registrations, we have arranged a special pre-registration event. 
Once 10,000 pre-registrations are reached, players are rewarded with items worth around $100 as campaign rewards on release. Invite your friends and defeat the Imperial Army together with Itami and the bunch!

- Once 30,000 pre-registrations are reached:
Recon Team defeated!
 Reward: Items worth around $30.
 - Once 50,000 pre-registrations are reached:
Infantry Squad defeated!
 Reward: Items worth around $50.
 - Once 100,000 pre-registrations are reached:
General's Squad defeated!
 Reward: Items worth around $100.

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