Goblin Slayer - Endless Hunting Main Characters High Elf Archer and Dwarf Shaman are arriving


New character's video introductions! The hunt never ends.

CTW Inc. is pleased to announce that the main characters High Elf Archer (VA Nao Toyama) and Dwarf Shaman (VA Yuichi Nakamura) will join the team in Goblin Slayer - Endless Hunting currently available on G123.


The High Elf Archer, a master archer with high agility and pinpoint accuracy. She attacks from a distance with a variety of techniques at her disposal, such as Meteor Arrow and Piercing Arrow. The Dwarf Shaman also attacks with spells that work in each battle situation and strikes down his opponents with skills such as Stone Blast and Stupor. These characters can join your party along with the Goblin Slayer, Priestess, and Lizard Priest, allowing players to go on adventures with five members just like in the anime.


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High Elf Archer (VA Nao Toyama)

“Come on Orcbolg, Let’s go.”


Dwarf Shaman (VA Yuichi Nakamura)

“Drink! Drink! It will warm you up.”


The schedule and details of the event to acquire High Elf Archer and Dwarf Shaman will be announced on the official social media accounts as soon as they become available. With new characters joining the party, players can take their adventures further than ever before. More updates will continue to be added to the game, so please continue to enjoy Goblin Slayer - Endless Hunting.

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Title: Goblin Slayer - Endless Hunting
Genre: RPG
Price: Free to play (in-game purchases available)

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What is Goblin Slayer?


Based on the light novels by Kumo Kagyu, the Goblin Slayer series has sold more than 9 million copies and was adapted into a TV anime in October 2018. A second season of the anime is scheduled for 2023. 
A boy whose older sister was assaulted and killed by goblins becomes the Goblin Slayer, an adventurer who relentlessly pursues goblins and goblins only, rising to the rare silver rank (the third highest rank of adventurer). This is the story of his encounters and the adventures that unfold.

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