Server Merge


A server merge will take place during the below time:
Date: 2023/8/21 10:00~

■ Servers

Considering the period of time these servers have been in operation and other factors, we will proceed to a server merge.

Please be assured that this does not concerns all servers.

・ Auction and Informant will be temporarily suspended from 2023/8/20 10:00 JST until the end of the server merge.
・ The progress in Clan -> Training will be reset.
・ Ranking will be reflected with the appropriate points after the merge.
・ In case a player with the same name, same clan name exists, they will acquire a random name.
・ After integration, you will have to apply for the Festival again.
In case the original server's merge time is different, the following will occur:
- All event attempts will be reset
- All events' event time will be synced with the new server.
Note: Event progress will not be affected.