Official release for G123’s In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle on Sept. 28!


CTW is proud to present its latest game on G123, In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle to be officially released on September 28th, 2023.isesuma20230830_en_z6A_1200-628.jpg

From September 28th, 2023 play G123’s newest game based on the second season of TV anime In Another World with My Smartphone!

In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle officially opens its doors to players on September 28th. In this RPG, form parties up to 6 versus 6 with your favorite allies, look forward to seeing the girls in various game-only outfits, and more! Check out the Hot Spring feature, main story, as well as special in-game torn portraits. There’s lots to look forward to for fans of the TV anime and newcomers alike.

Pre-registration Ongoing!


With pre-registration numbers now reaching 200,000, all players will receive ally ☆4 Francesca and over 40 gacha items when the game opens. What’s more, everyone will receive 10 Magic Keys (Silver) and ally ☆5 Tsubaki when pre-registered players reach 300,000!

How to pre-register
Follow the links below:

1.Official Site


No Downloads, Play #IseHappiness on Web Browser Anytime, Anywhere!

Play In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle only on G123! The HTML5 game can be played via web browser on smartphone, tablet, or PC devices. Complete with an idle battle system, play however it suits you whether it’s while relaxed at home on your PC, or peeking in from time to time while outside on your smartphone. Look forward to the game’s release!イセスマ_事前登録_en_03_1200-628.png

About the Game


Title: In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle
Genre: RPG
Price: Free (in-game purchases available)

TV Animation In Another World with My Smartphone 2

Touya’s adventures turn even livelier with the addition of a new contender for his many brides and now 9 heroines in this romantic comedy. Armed with stronger powers, Touya in this new season has been eagerly awaited by fans within Japan and overseas! 

Touya Mochizuki is now on his second life after being mistakenly killed by God. Reborn in another world along with his trusty smartphone, the plucky protagonist encounters various people, makes precious friends, and gradually uncovers the secrets of his current world. Along with inheriting the legacy of an ancient civilization and joining forces with the rulers of this laidback world, he leisurely travels with his quirky and lovable girls. 


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