New RPG In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle opens today on G123!


CTW proudly presents the release of In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle. To celebrate, we are also holding promos both inside and outside the game.

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What is In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle?

In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle officially releases on September 28th, 2023. In this new RPG, go on adventures across lands in another world, meet and befriend allies, and fight against magical beasts to grow. Increase your strength by awakening your favorite allies and forming parties with them! And don’t miss out on the portraits of special outfits which can only be seen in-game.

Game Teaser Trailer

Watch the teaser here

Check out these in-game promos!

1. Get 50 gacha items, ☆4 Francesca and ☆5 Tsubaki in the pre-registration rewards!

isesuma20230830_en_z8_1200-628.jpgPre-registration rewards are currently being distributed for a limited time. Claim lots of items, from ☆5 Tsubaki and more for you to further enjoy the game!
<Pre-registration achievement rewards>
Chip x8, Silver x100000, EXP Crystal x100000, Rank Up Crystal x200, Gear Crystal x800, Arena Ticket x10, SP Crystal x3, Magic Key (Silver) x20, Magic Key (Gold) x30, ☆4 Francesca, ☆5 Tsubaki

2. ☆5 Linze guaranteed on the first pull! Plus get ☆5 Yumina (Mismede) on Day 2 of the login bonus! 

isesuma20230830_en_z9_1200-628.jpg☆5 Linze is a guaranteed pull in the tutorial for your first gacha. Plus, get ☆5 Yumina (Mismede) on Day 2 of the login bonus. Plus! Don’t miss the chance to get 2 more ☆5 allies by logging in for one month!

3. Get ☆5 Olga in Day 2 of the 7-day limited event login!

isesuma20230830_en_z12_1200-628.jpgGet ☆5 Olga on Day 2 of the event. Plus grab the other luxurious rewards including items worth Great Summon x10, Roulette x10, special summon x10 and more so don’t forget to login every day!

About the Game


Title: In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle
Genre: RPG
Price: Free (in-game purchases available)

TV Animation In Another World with My Smartphone 2

Touya’s adventures turn even livelier with the addition of a new contender for his many brides and now 9 heroines in this romantic comedy. Armed with stronger powers, Touya in this new season has been eagerly awaited by fans within Japan and overseas! 

Touya Mochizuki is now on his second life after being mistakenly killed by God. Reborn in another world along with his trusty smartphone, the plucky protagonist encounters various people, makes precious friends, and gradually uncovers the secrets of his current world. Along with inheriting the legacy of an ancient civilization and joining forces with the rulers of this laidback world, he leisurely travels with his quirky and lovable girls. 


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