Strike The Blood Daybreak Out Today! The Story of the World’s Strongest Vampire and a Young Sword Shaman is Being Woven Anew–

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Popular Anime “Strike The Blood” Out Now as a G123 Game!

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“Strike The Blood Daybreak” is a simple yet exhilarating RPG where players take on the role of “Kojo Akatsuki” - Lead Kojo and his allies, such as Yukina Himeragi and Asagi Aiba, in their battle to protect their friends from deadly assassins who are trying to steal the power of The Fourth Progenitor.


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・Gather your allies in this simple yet exciting Turn-Based Battle RPG!



・Freely add your favorite characters in party formations!



・Game Exclusive! See your favorite characters in tons of special outfits!




Gift to All Players! Around 2,000 Dollars worth of items are available after release!

1.Pre-registration campaign results!


We are proud to announce that we have reached over 100,000 Pre-registrations! The following rewards will be given out.

<Campaign Rewards>
Ally Summon Ticket x10 & SSR Natsuki Minamiya (Worth around 100 Dollars total)

<Claim Period>
Within 30 days of the Game’s Launch


2. Login for 7 days to get [SSR Avrora]


For the first 7 days of the game, all players will be able to get total items worth around 1,000 Dollars just by logging in. Also, get [SSR Avrora] for logging in on the 7th day!


3.Get a ton of [SSR Glenda] Shards! 7-d Fes Event Starts Now! 


Complete all event missions for the first 7 days of the game and get total items worth around 1,000 Dollars, and also rapidly enhance SSR Glenda to ★5.



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