Pre-registration for “Monster Musume Fantasy Life” now open Teaser Trailer!

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CTW Inc. has released a teaser for the latest G123 game "Monster Musume Fantasy Life," which is now open for pre-registrations. A campaign to win an Amazon gift voucher is also being held on the official X (formerly Twitter) page, so please join in.

”Monster Musume Fantasy Life” Teaser is here!

The teaser showcases some of the game's features including character artwork and an introduction to the game’s world.
For further information watch the teaser.

Watch Here

- Teaser’s Artwork

▼Over 50 characters in total! Including some original Monster Girls♡


▼Battles! Fight alongside your favorite Monster Girls to stop the bad guys!


▼Relax and deepen your exchanges in the comfort of your home...


No download required. Play "Monster Musume Fantastic Life" anytime, anywhere on your web browser!

"Monster Musume Fantastic Life" is only available on the G123 gaming platform.


This is an HTML5 game that can be played on smartphones, tablets, and in your computer browser. The game also features idle functions that allows players to enjoy the game in their spare time, allowing a variety of play styles, such as at home on a PC, or outside on a smartphone.
Please look forward to the game’s release.

Pre-registration Campaign

Pre-register for "Monster Musume Fantastic Life" through the following methods:

1.Register on the official page

2.Follow the official X (formerly Twitter) account


Get 1 Selectable SSR character at 50,000 pre-registrations! 

Receive various items on game launch depending on the number of pre-registrations.
(The achieved pre-registration goal item rewards will be sent as a package.
Get 1 item that allows you to select 1 SSR character, and other amazing rewards at 50,000 pre-registration!

・10,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000

・30,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000
Combat Guide x10

・50,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000
Combat Guide x10
Task Force MON Exchange Coin x10



■General Game Information


Title: Monster Musume Fantastic Life
Genre: Cohabitation simulation.
Price: Free (optional in-game purchases).

About “Monster Musume”

Kimihito Kurusu is cohabiting with several adorable liminal girls. At first, it was just a lamia, but then a harpy and a centaur moved in too, and now it's a whole harem!
But remember, no naughty stuff...


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