In Queen's Blade Limit Break New Warrior Branwen is here! New Year Event!

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Participate in the event and obtain Shizuka's Maid Skin!

CTW Inc. will hold a New Year's event in the HTML5 game Queen's Blade Limit Break available on G123. In addition, a new UR Warrior, Proud Dragonblood Branwen will join the game on 1/1/2024.


■Happy New Year 2024! So many exciting events!queensblade202312113_en_y1_1200-628.jpg

Queen's Blade Limit Break will hold an event to celebrate the New Year. As a login bonus, players can receive a New Year limited Frame, Lucky Number Tickets, and more. 
The new Warrior Proud Dragonblood Branwen will be the first Mind Attr. UR Branwen. She also comes with a new Spicy Pose. Players can also get Shizuka's Maid Skin by participating in the puzzle event. 
Please enjoy this limited-time event.


New Year Event Dates: 12/29/2023 - 1/18/2024
Branwen Arrival dates: 1/1/2024 - 1/14/2024


Click here to play



- Get limited login bonuses!



・Proud Dragonblood Branwen Spicy Pose!



- Complete puzzles to get Shizuka's Skin for free!



In addition to the above, new skins and limited quests for Beautiful Warriors will be available. Details will be updated in-game or on the official X (formerly Twitter) account. We hope you will join us for the New Year's event.


Official X Account



About Queen’s Blade

The Queen’s Blade tournament is held every four years in order to select the strongest and most beautiful queen in the world. Who will ascend to the throne? Only the outcome of their battles will reveal the answer.

Queen’s Blade began in 2005 as a “battle-type visual book”, and has since introduced more than 40 sexy and beautiful female warriors to the world. The latest adaptation, an anime entitled Queen’s Blade Unlimited, introduces a new storyline while staying true to the characters and universe that has made the franchise so popular.

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