G123 game platform currently has over 500 million users! Information on future updates.

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Plans for further expansion, including the release of 14 new games and a new contact service.

The G123 gaming platform has surpassed 500 million users (※1) thanks to the support of users all over the world. To commemorate this important achievement, we are pleased to announce information regarding future updates.


(※1) Based on the total number of G123 IDs issued.


G123 is used by many players around the world due to its unique gameplay experience and simple concept. We would like to thank all our users for supporting us and we promise to continue to provide the best gaming experience.


In 2024, the following new features and improvements will be introduced.


1.New Games: We plan to release a total of 14 new games from popular anime IPs for simultaneous worldwide distribution in 2024. Currently, 7 games are in pre-registration and a further 7 games are yet to be announced.

2. New Contact Service: We are releasing a system to accept inquiries about each game directly from popular community services around the world such as LINE, Meta Messenger, and KakaoTalk.

3. Additional Payment Services: In addition to the current credit card (VISA, MASTERCARD, JCB, AMEX), Google Pay, PayPay, Amazon Pay, Paypal, Paidy, Rakuten Pay, Alipay, etc. We will continue to add more popular payment methods from various countries, such as Naver Pay and Kakao Pay.

We are always happy to hear from our players and strive to provide an even better gaming experience by planning updates based on user feedback and requests. 

G123 will continue to innovate and deliver a captivating selection of games that users from around the world can enjoy.