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Introducing characters from the upcoming game, Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time - Defender of Virtue. In this game, countless characters from various tribes make an appearance and are accompanied with impressive artwork. Updates happen daily, so make sure to check back often!

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■Character illustration

Sly Warrior  Lisa
【美女】4リサ・アルパカス_着衣_表情1.png 広告用イラスト_リサ_背景.jpg
Lovable Idiot Mimi
【美女】2ミミ・アルパカス2_線画彩色220307_着衣_表情1.png マイクロビキニ_ミミ_背景.jpg
Envoy of Grace Vegan
【美女】5ビーガン・エルドリエル2_清書_調整_着衣_表情1.png ピーターグリル広告_ビーガン_清書_背景.png
Ardent Carer Piglette
【美女】34ピグリット・パンチェッタ_清書_着衣_表情1.png マイクロビキニ_ピグリット_表情1.jpg
Hell's Elite Gobuko
【美女】14ゴブコ・ンギエール_清書_着衣_表情1.png ピーターグリル広告_ゴブコ_清書_修正_背景.png
Lazy Genius Mithlim
【美女】17ミスリム・ネザーラント_清書_着衣_表情1.png ピーターグリル_ミスリム_背景.jpg

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About the story

Peter Grill wins the title of strongest man on earth after winning the Grand Fighting Tournament. As he was about to marry his fiancee, Luvelia, he suddenly finds himself at the center of attention of various women who all try to seduce him

Although the strongest human in the world, Peter is very weak-willed. He succumbs to temptation again and again, letting his lower body get carried away.
Shortly after, news arrives that an ogre incident is unfolding. Peter rushes over quickly, but is met with a surprising encounter on the battlefield.  

Visit the goblins, elves and dwarfs. No matter where - the seduction doesn’t end.
It’s the Philosopher’s time to shine!

About the anime, Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Super Extra


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