The Curtain Rises on the Endless Battle with his Virtue on the Line! “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Defender of Virtue” Worldwide Service Launch on G123!

Peter GrillPeter Grill2022-10-15

Up to 160 free Summons! A plethora of Limited Beginner Missions!

CTW Inc. has released “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time: Defender of Virtue” on HTML5 Game Platform G123.
The game supports Japanese, English, and Chinese (Simplified) languages, and is being released simultaneously worldwide.

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The voice actors from the hit anime reprise their roles!


Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time - Defender of Virtue is a new RPG based on the TV anime “Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time”, which gained attention in Japan and abroad for its outlandish and comedic story.
Listen to a star cast of voice actors from the anime, including Peter Grill (VA: Hiro Shimono), his fiancé Luvelia (VA: Yui Ninomiya), as well as the Ogre sisters who are after Peter’s seed, Lisa (VA: Hibiku Yamamura) and Mimi (VA: Ayana Taketatsu).

Unlock special illustrations by getting intimate with female characters!


Raise your Bond levels to see female characters with only a towel on, listen to game-original voice lines, and experience special situations.
Bond levels are tied to the battle power of each element, so feel free to deepen your bonds with your favorite girls.

Game Features

Form a 6-member party with 3 in the front and 3 in the back! Smooth turn-based battles!


In battle, form a party of 6 characters. Each character belongs to 1 of 4 elements, and may be at an advantage or disadvantage depending on the matchup, so plan your party setup with the enemy in mind. Furthermore, party up characters of certain elements to unlock powerful buffs to give you the upper hand in battle. The game’s turn-based battles proceed automatically, and skip battles to smoothly clear stages. Clear stages to get up to 80 Rare Summon Tickets. Strengthen your party to blast through the stages!

Get rewards for logging in! A casual RPG where you can get stronger by idling!


Receive all kinds of rewards within the game. Receive rewards not only for clearing missions and winning battles, but also for the loot found when you aren’t logged in. Use the character rank up items you receive to make your favorite characters stronger.
Idle loot rewards increase with every Main Stage you clear, so it’s recommended that you always clear as much as you can. The “8-Day Login Reward” event is guaranteed to reward 20 Rare Summon Tickets and 2 Rare Characters, so please try to log in at least once every 24 hours.

Pre-register now for luxurious rewards!


Currently, limited-time rewards are being distributed for pre-registration.
In total, 60 Rare Summons and the ★5 character Vegan can be obtained.
We’ve prepared items to let you enjoy our game even more. Make sure to claim them!

Pre-Registration Campaign Rewards Summary

・★5 Character Vegan
・Gem x4000 (20 Summons)
・Rare Summon Ticket x40
・Ally XP x500,000
・Coin x1,000,000
・Steel x20,000

Summon now and get characters!

The in-game events including the pre-registration rewards will reward up to 160 free Rare Summons. It’s your chance to get a powerful character right off the bat.
・Pre-Registration   60 Summons
・8-Day Login          20 Summons
・Opening Benefit    80 Summons


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