TV anime series Yowamushi Pedal is getting released as a game on G123! Yowamushi Pedal: Dream Race is open for pre-registrations!

Yowamushi DRYowamushi DR2023-02-14

Build your dream team and be victorious!

CTW is proud to present the HTML5 game Yowamushi Pedal: Dream Race to will soon be playable on the G123 platform! The 5th season of this popular sports anime will be airing later this year. Pre-registration has started today!

 Cross the finish line faster than anyone else! 


In this road racing game, Yowamushi Pedal: Dream Race, the player builds their own team and takes on the Dream Race challenge. Play the game to meet characters from Sohoku High School, such as: Sakamichi Onoda (VA: Daiki Yamashita), Shunsuke Imaizumi (VA: Kohsuke Toriumi), as well as characters from Hakone Academy High School, such as Sangaku Manami (VA: Tsubasa Yonaga). Create your own team, clear daily challenges, and watch them race to victory. Through bike customization and daily support you will see your characters grow and grasp victory!

How to pre-register

Players can pre-register for the game through the methods below.

1.Follow the official Twitter page

2.Pre-register through the game’s website

Pre-registration Rewards


Depending on the amount of pre-registrations, players will be able to receive rewards upon the release of the game! These rewards will be sent out around the release of the game. Once 10k pre-registrations are reached, players will be awarded with Onoda Sakamichi’s Letter to unlock Onoda himself! We hope to see a lot of people in the game!

・30,000 pre-registrations
Gems x20, Coins x50k

・50,000 pre-registrations
Gems x50, Coins x150k, Climber EXP S x3, All-rounder EXP S x3, Sprinter EXP S x3

・10,000 pre-registrations
Gems x100, Coins x300k, Onoda Sakamichi’s Letter, Character Coins x10

Key Visuals Revealed!

Onoda Sakamichi and Manami Sangaku’s bright smiles will welcome you from these visuals. This image is exclusive to this occasion!


Main Characters


Onoda Sakamichi
VA: Yamashita Daiki
“I'll catch up to the team! That's why I'm here!”

Member of the Sohoku High School Bicycle Racing Club. Is a true geek who loves anime and manga. He rides his utility bike around while singing to the theme song from Love Hime.


Manami Sangaku
VA: Yonaga Tsubasa
“I absolutely love going uphill. Don’t you?”

He is a member of the Hakone Academy Bicycle Club. He is a climber who reads the wind and accelerates as if he has wings. He is usually late and has a slow-paced personality, but in races, this prodigy is able to dominate any race.


Midousuji Akira
VA: Yusa Koji
“Victory, victory, victory! Nothing matters besides victory!”

He’s a member of the Kyoto Fushimi High School Bicycle Club. He’s an all-rounder and has impressive talent in various areas. Without a doubt, he is the ace within the team. He won’t settle for less than a victory and will do anything to achieve it. 

About the Game

Title: Yowamushi Pedal Dream Race
Genre: Road Racing Game
Price: Free to play (in-game purchases available)

 What is Yowamushi Pedal?

The racing comic Yowamushi Pedal by Wataru Watanabe, serialized in Weekly Shōnen Champion  (Akita Shoten) has been received with great acclaim. The manga and anime-loving high school student Sakamichi Onoda makes new friends in his bicycle club. In the 5th season of the series, Yowamushi Pedal: Limit Break, shows how he grows within the racing world!



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