From Hero-King to Beautiful Squire! Reborn to Master the Blade: Bravery Road is now playable on G123!

The anime is airing since January, 2023!


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The world’s strongest squire is also unrivaled on G123?!

This game is an RPG game based on the anime Reborn to Master the Blade: From Hero-King to Extraordinary Squire, which has been airing on TV as an anime adaptation since January of 2023.


Choose one of the three beautiful girls: Inglis (VA: Akari Kito), Rafinha Bilford (VA: Ai Kakuma), Leone Olfa (VA: Tomori Kusunoki) and head out on a journey to fight magicite beasts. Start your journey and master the blade!

Since the battles with the magicite beasts progress automatically, the game is accessible to people with all kinds of gaming styles! These squires are sparring any time of day, resulting in rewards and EXP for the player, even while away from the game!

The game also offers many ways for players to grow stronger alongside each other. Set up a guild and join forces with other guild members to defeat powerful magicite beasts or face off against other guild members in friendly competition. Fight enemies, improve your equipment, and work together with your beautiful squires to master the blade.


Character Introduction

Dress up your three main squires in various outfits. Maid outfits, swimwear, witch outfits, and many other game-original outfits!

– Inglis Eucus (VA: Akari Kito)

An apprentice knight, formerly a man who was famous as a heroic king, now reborn as a beautiful girl dedicated to improving her skills in order to become stronger. She loves fighting strong enemies more than anything else. As a Runeless with no qualifications to be a knight,


– Rafinha Bilford (VA: Ai Kakuma)

Inglis's cousin and childhood friend, the daughter of a duke. She is a candidate for the knighthood who fights with a magical weapon (an Artifact) shaped like a bow that shoots arrows of light. She aspires to join the Royal Knight Academy together with her beloved cousin Inglis, who can always be found beside her. She has an honest heart and a cheerful demeanor. She adores her brother Raphael who is to become a holy knight, and secretly hopes that he will marry Inglis.


– Leone Olfa (VA: Tomori Kusunoki)

A knight candidate who uses a sword-shaped Artifact, which size she can change at will. She met Inglis and the others in the town of Ahlemin and hit it off with them in their shared aspiration to enter the knighthood. Her older brother is Leon Olfa, a holy knight. For some reason, she is not well-liked by the townspeople or the Knights of Ymir.


Pre-register for rewards!

Currently, we’re giving out exclusive items during the pre-registration period. There’s over 60 gacha summons, along with countless other items that will get you a head start in the game. Be sure to pre-register and claim in-game!


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