In Another World With My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle teaser video released!


CTW Inc. releases a teaser video for their latest G123 game, In Another World With My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle. The game is also currently accepting pre-registrations.

In Another World With My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle teaser video is here!

See the various character illustrations, implemented in-game, all at once in the teaser! Look forward to the game, scheduled to be released in 2023, as well as the TV anime In Another World With My Smartphone 2 airing from April 3.

Watch the teaser video here


Illustrations in the teaser

Here are just some of the illustrations you will see in the teaser:

Exotic and charming attire from the Kingdom of Mismede!スクショ2en.jpg

Dazzling dresses, designed to make the cute fiancees even more gorgeous!


And just what is going on here…? See for yourself in the game!スクショ4en.jpg

Play IseHappiness anytime, anywhere on your web browser. No download required!

In Another World With My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle can be played only on the game platform G123! An HTML5 game which can be played on smartphones, tablets, or PC web browsers, it also includes an idle feature which allows players to enjoy the game whenever they want and wherever they want, be it at home on a PC or while outside on their smartphones. Look forward to the game’s release!



Join the pre-registration promo!

Pre-register for IseHappiness now through the following:

1.Official Site


Get 30 pulls worth of gacha items and Francesca as present with 100,000 pre-registrations!

Depending on the number of pre-registrations received, we will distribute items to all players once the game launches. If the number of pre-registered players reaches 100,000, all players will receive 30 pulls worth of gacha items, a ☆4 ally Francesca, and other essentials that will help you kick off your adventure!

- 30,000 pre-registrations:

Coin x8, Silver x100k, EXP Crystal x100k

- 50,000 pre-registrations:

Magic Silver Key x20 Energy Crystal x200 Essence Crystal x800

- 100,000 pre-registrations:

Magic Gold Key x10 Arena Ticket x10 ☆4 Ally Francesca


About the Game


Title: In Another World with My Smartphone: Happiness Cradle
Genre: RPG
Price: Free (in-game purchases available)



Teaser video

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