The best pastries make the greatest stories! Pre-registrations are now open for Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia.


The anime scheduled to be released in July is coming to G123!

CTW Inc. is proud to announce a new game’s release to their G123 gaming platform:
Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia.

Create a “Kingdom of Desserts” full of smiles and happiness!

Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia is a simulation game based on the TV anime Sweet Reincarnation which will begin airing in July 2023. 

Players will take on the role of the main character, Pastry (CV: Ayumu Murase), and aim to create a world filled with happiness and sweets.

Hop on an adventure with new friends from the anime and develop your land!

Character introduction:

・Pastry Mille Morteln (Pas)

Eldest son and heir of the Lord of Morteln. Considered a genius confectioner in his previous life, he accidentally passed away during a patissier's world competition. Reborn in another world, he kept memories of his previous life and continues to bake sweets, even though gathering ingredients has put him in trouble more than once.


Marcarullo Dorova(Marc)

He is the son of the commander of the Morteln family's private army. 
Timid, he is Pas' childhood friend and often gets in trouble with his father for causing agitation with him. He is also a close friend of Lumi and has recently started showing interest in her as a woman.


・Licorice Mille Hubarek

She is the fourth daughter of the Hubarek family. She and her twin sister get along well even though she envies her sister’s confidence. 
She met Pas by chance and he sparked her interest with his mature behavior despite being younger than her.

・Casserole Mille Morteln

Pas’ father and current lord of Morteln. His flexible and outstanding leadership earned him many nicknames and titles during his time on the battlefield. He is strict towards Pas, but sometimes indulges in silly father-son moments. 

・Feuille Beatwin

He is the deputy of the Morteln family's private army. Dexterous, he handles most tasks with ease and acts as a big brother to the children in the domain. He has been Casserole’s trusted comrade-in-arms for 20 years and is often relied upon in difficult situations.

How to pre-register

1. Pre-register on G123

2. Follow us on Twitter

Pre-registration rewards: reach 100,000 registrations to get 10 free Gacha tickets, an SR Pet, and SSR Feuille!

Based on the number of pre-registrations, the rewards upon release will change! If a total of 100,000 pre-registrations have been reached before release, all players will receive 10 free Gacha tickets, an SR Pet, and SSR Feuille!

・30,000 registrations

Gold coins x100, House plans x1, Store plans x3, Basic contract x10

・50,000 registrations

Limited SR Pet
Growth fruit x20, Candy x5, Cookie x5

・100,000 registrations

SSR Feuille 
Gacha tickets x10, Skill Potion x3, Random book x20



About the Game

icon_1024-1024.pngTitle: Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia
Genre: Simulation game
Price: Free (in-game transactions)



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About Sweet Reincarnation

Pastry is a young boy who is expected to become the next lord of the impoverished land of Morteln.
In his former life, he was a genius confectioner with a promising future!
With his limitless determination, Pastry works hard to make sweets in this new world, despite the numerous hardships and trials that befall the young boy.
Thieves raiding his estate, ill-intentioned aristocrats, droughts…
The road ahead won’t be easy, but not insurmountable with Pastry’s love for baking.
Will Pastry be able to create his ideal world, full of happiness?
A sweet and funny royal sweet fantasy begins!


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