A genre-bending story between modern Japan and another world. Sasaki and Peeps: Mid-life Revolution’s pre-registration is open on G123!


The popular work, which is now being adapted into an anime, will appear on G123!

CTW is proud to present the HTML5 game Sasaki and Peeps: Mid-life Revolution as its latest game on the G123 platform catalog. Pre-registrations are also open worldwide.

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Sasaki and Peeps: Mid-life Revolution is an MMORPG based on the anime adaptation of the very popular novel by Buncololi and Kantoku, which ranked first in the book and novels category of Kono Light Novel ga Sugoi! (This Light Novel Is Amazing!) in 2022.

Enjoy the story and the world of the anime by traveling on a 3D map of modern Japan and another world with Peeps by your side. 

You can also pick Sasaki's weapon at the beginning of the game.
- Sword: High HP, strong in short-range attacks. Used by tanks in the party.
- Staff: High attack power, strong in long-range attacks. Used by damage dealers (DPS) in the party.
- Book: High recovery skill. Used to protect the party as a healer. 
Pick your favorite weapon and overcome any battle!


 Character Introduction



The main character of the story. He is a laid-back office worker who works in Tokyo.
Taken by loneliness and inspired by a coworker's decision to raise a cat, Sasaki decides to visit a pet shop, where he meets Peeps.
This meeting leads to the creation of a business that crosses worlds, exporting household items for profit between modern Japan and the other world.


sasapi20230630_en_z1b_10_1200-628.jpgThe other main character of the story. A Java sparrow that understands the human language that was purchased by Sasaki in a pet shop. In reality, he is a powerful sage from another world!
Its life goal is to have a leisurely lifestyle, and its favorite food is the luxurious Kobe beef châteaubriand steak.

How to apply to the pre-registration campaign

Pre-registration for the game is available through the following methods:

1. Register on the game’s official page

2. Follow the official account on Twitter

Get 15 gacha tries and 1 familiar when reaching over 50k pre-registrations!

Having more people sign up for pre-registration will reward all new players with special items upon release. If registrations reach 50,000, players will receive luxurious rewards such as 15 gacha items and items to craft a random familiar.

・Over 10,000 registrations

Coins x20,000, Familiar Gems x10, Onigiri x10

・Over 30,000 registrations

Coins x50,000, Familiar Gems x20, Onigiri x20, Summoning Grimoires x5, Familiar Shards x10

・Over 50,000 registrations

Coins x100,000, Familiar Gems x40, Onigiri x40, Summoning Grimoires x10, Familiar Shards x10sasapi20230630_en_z1_8_1200-628.jpg

Game Info


Title: Sasaki and Peeps: Mid-life Revolution
Price: Free (in-game transactions are available)

What is the anime Sasaki and Peeps about?

Tired of his corporate job life, Sasaki decides to adopt Peeps, an adorable pet Java sparrow. However, Peeps turns out to be a reincarnated sage from another world! 
After the adorable sage bestows Sasaki with magic and the ability to cross worlds, the two decide to export household items for profit in pursuit of a leisurely lifestyle. Earning money through inter-world trade, training in magic, eating all kinds of delicious food…
That lazy life changes one day when Sasaki, on his way home from work, encounters an ability user. Although he survives the battle thanks to the sage, Sasaki gets scouted by the Department of Paranormal Affairs, an organization that manages the supernatural, and decides to take on the new job…?
An otherworldly fantasy with battles with psychic abilities, and a romantic comedy with an age gap (?). 
Furthermore, there are a magical girl, an aristocrat, a neighbor high school girl, a cute co-worker, an aristocrat, a loli hag, princes, etc… 
A genre-bending story in which Sasaki, a middle-aged salary man, and Peeps, a sage who is literally a bird, go between modern Japan and another world.

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