Pre-release Play Terms and Conditions

Official NewsOfficial News2023-09-20

◯Terms and Conditions

● Invites, promo period, as well as other details of the pre-release play promo may be subject to change without prior notice.
● The pre-release play promo includes purchasable in-game items. Please note that you will be charged for the cost should you make a purchase.
● The account data created in the pre-release play promo is carried over and can be used in the official full release.
● The internet connection and internet data fees accrued when applying for and/or joining the pre-release play promo shall be at the expense of the participant.
● We shall not be able to answer any inquiries regarding details of the game or the official release date before the release itself.
● Unforeseen issues affecting controls or display might occur in the pre-release play promo. In the event of any issues or damages to hardware, etc., the company shall not provide compensation that can violate laws and regulations. Participants will join the pre-release play promo at their own risk.
● During the promo period, emergency maintenance may be held without prior notice.
● During the promo period, specifications may change without prior notice.
● Please note that the pre-release play promo may be suspended without prior notice.
● There may be differences between the content in the pre-release play promo service and the official full-release version.
● Individual support will not be provided for in-game issues within the pre-release play promo.
● Minors are prohibited from playing the game.
● We ask for your cooperation with playing the game in the pre-release play promo as well as proactively answering our surveys.
● Posting gameplay videos, live broadcasting, as well as posting game images shall be limited to personal use.

◯Handling of Personal Information

The information we have received during the pre-release play promo application shall be used only for the following purposes:
● Operation and implementation of the pre-release play promo
● Announcements related to the pre-release play promo and the actual release
● E-mail notifications regarding various services, products, advertisements, promos, and events operated by the company as well as third parties
● Ad placements and optimization through websites and mobile applications
● Service improvement and analysis

◯For Inquiries

・Contact us through Help by tapping the G icon displayed by the chat screen in-game.

● Your personal information will not be disclosed to third parties aside from outsourcers without your express consent (excluding cases in which disclosure is compelled by law).
● Please read the company’s Privacy Policy for other details regarding our handling of personal information.