“The Demon Sword Master of Excalibur Academy: Memento Memoria” Early access campaign announcement!

Seiken GakuinSeiken Gakuin2023-12-26

 We are looking for players to participate in the early access! 


We will be conducting an early access campaign to improve the game based on the results of the surveys conducted by those who will participate in the program. We hope for your cooperation and hope you will enjoy it.

Early access period
Wednesday, December 27th ~ until release

Number of players

Until Wednesday, December 27th
*Those who apply before Priority will be given to those who have pre-registered.

How to pre-register
Check the below methods to pre-register.

1. Follow us on Twitter


2. Official G123 Platform


How to participate
The winners will be contacted via the email address used to pre-register on G123 and Twitter.

*Game data from the pre-registration campaign will be carried over after the official release.
*Please check the details in the announcement sent to campaign winners.
*The contents are subject to change without prior notice.



About the “Stop the Voids' Frenzy Stampede” pre-registration event


Depending on the number of pre-registrations achieved, the amount of rewards received at the time of the release will increase. If the pre-registrations reach 100,000 the rewards will be 100 dollars worth of items. Invite your friends to participate in the event and defeat the Void!

・At 30,000 pre-registrations
 Around 30 dollars worth of items.
・At 50,000 pre-registrations
Around 50 dollars worth of items.
・At 100,000 pre-registrations
 Around 100 dollars worth of items.


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