Living Close and Personal With Monster Girls♡ 「Monster Musume Fantastic Life」Pre-registration Open on G123!


The popular series with an anime adaption is now on G123!

CTW Inc. is pleased to announce the latest game in the G123 lineup: "Monster Musume Fantastic Life", with worldwide pre-registration starting now.

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"Monster Musume Fantastic Life" is a simulation game based on "Monster Musume" by Okayado, a popular series with over 5 million volumes sold worldwide and a hit anime adaption.

Enjoy your lovey-dovey everyday life with adorable monster girls right on your browser.

Go on dates, bathe in hot springs, and sometimes punish evildoers with your monster girls... 
An exciting everyday life awaits you!


Character Introduction

・Kimihito Kurusu (Name can be changed in the game)


A young man who started taking in various exchange students after Smith's mistake.
While he suffered some injuries at the start, such as dislocating his shoulders from Miia's hug, he is surprisingly unharmed as of late. His body shows no sign of damage despite many near-death experiences he encountered, leading some readers to believe that he's actually immortal.




The first monster girl to arrive at Kurusu's house after Smith mistakenly sent her there. While she can sometimes be very assertive and act as shrewd as snakes, most of her plans end in failure.



A habitual runaway, she was sent to live with Kimihito after being unable to find anywhere else to stay.
She is a birdbrain who forgets things after taking three steps.
While she may look young, she's actually the same age as Miia and Centorea.

・Centorea Shianus


She came to live at Kimihito's house after crashing into him while searching for a master under the mistaken belief that she could "run into her destined partner at a crossroads."
She is a self-proclaimed knight with a strong sense of justice and loyalty.

Pre-registration Campaign

Pre-register for "Monster Musume Fantastic Life" through the following methods:

1.Register on the official page

2.Follow the official X (formerly Twitter) account


Get 1 Selectable SSR character at 50,000 pre-registrations! 

Receive various items on game launch depending on the number of pre-registrations.
(The achieved pre-registration goal item rewards will be sent as a package.
Get 1 item that allows you to select 1 SSR character, and other amazing rewards at 50,000 pre-registration!

・10,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000

・30,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000
Combat Guide x10

・50,000 Registrations

Upgrade Stone x10000000
Combat Guide x10
Task Force MON Exchange Coin x10



■General Game Information


Title: Monster Musume Fantastic Life
Genre: Cohabitation simulation.
Price: Free (optional in-game purchases).

About “Monster Musume”

Kimihito Kurusu is cohabiting with several adorable liminal girls. At first, it was just a lamia, but then a harpy and a centaur moved in too, and now it's a whole harem!
But remember, no naughty stuff...


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