New Simulation Game "Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia" released today on G123!


CTW Inc. is pleased to announce the release of its newest game "Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia" on G123. To celebrate the release, a campaign will be held both inside and outside the game!

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Game Introduction

On November 16th, "Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia" officially launche. This is a simulation game in which you, as the main character "Pastry," develop the industries in the territory of Morteln and create a "Kingdom of desserts" full of smiles and happiness. Make and serve sweets, explore the area around your territory, and fight off enemies to improve your territory.

Game PV

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Multiple campaigns will be held in-game!

1. 10 gacha items, a SR pet, and SSR Ally Feuille will be given as pre-registration rewards!


We are currently distributing pre-registration rewards for a limited time, including SSR Ally Feuille and many other items that will help you enjoy the game even more.

2. A Special event, “Attendance” will be held for the first 7 days of the game!


In this event, you can get various friends and items such as SSR Friend "Licorice", SSR Ally "Squale", SR and UR pets, etc. by clearing missions. Don't miss the chance to obtain high rarity characters!

3. Get rewards by increasing "Revenue"!

By increasing your Revenue in the game, you can get gold coins, SSR pets, and other gorgeous rewards.
Furthermore, you can get an SSR Ally when you reach 10 million in Revenue.

About the Game

icon2a-360-360.pngTitle: Sweet Reincarnation: Pastries Utopia
Genre: Simulation game
Price: Free (in-game transactions)

About Sweet Reincarnation

Pastry is a young boy who is expected to become the next lord of the impoverished land of Morteln.
In his former life, he was a genius confectioner with a promising future!
With his limitless determination, Pastry works hard to make sweets in this new world, despite the numerous hardships and trials that befall the young boy.
Thieves raiding his estate, ill-intentioned aristocrats, droughts…
The road ahead won’t be easy, but not insurmountable with Pastry’s love for baking.
Will Pastry be able to create his ideal world, full of happiness?
A sweet and funny royal sweet fantasy begins!

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