The first game title featuring the anime "BLACK LAGOON". "BLACK LAGOON Heaven's Shot" is released today!


A brand-new browser with cool baddies up to mischief, out now!

CTW Inc. is here to let you know that a brand-new G123 game "BLACK LAGOON Heaven's Shot" has been released.




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■ "BLACK LAGOON Heaven's Shot" is the first game title featuring the anime "BLACK LAGOON".

Dive into the world of this hard-boiled RPG with cool baddies and earn money, status, power... whatever your heart desires. Celebrating the game's release, we're giving out invaluable items for a limited amount of time!


1.Get a Gretel during the tutorial!



As part of this game's tutorial, you are guaranteed to get a Gretel.


2.Get Gems and Recruit Tickets!


We're currently giving out pre-registration bonuses. These items are guaranteed to make your playing experience even better.


Pre-registration bonuses

Dollars x1,000.000, Energy Drinks x100.000, Fast Battle Tickets x2, Gems x500, Recruit Tickets x10


■Basic Game Information
Game Title: BLACK LAGOON Heaven's Shot
Genre: RPG
Price: Basically free (in-game items are purchased)


■BLACK LAGOON Film Information
BLACK LAGOON first appeared in the April issue of Sunday GX in 2001, and was officially serialized a year later in 2002, and has also been adapted into an anime series.
The hard-gun action manga, whose main characters are cool villains, celebrated its 20th anniversary in 2021.


Salaryman Rokurou Okajima spends his days trying to climb his company's corporate ladder, until one day when a business negotiation in Thailand goes awry. During the botched deal, he falls hostage to the Lagoon Company—a band of ruthless pirate mercenaries. Left to the whims of his captors after his managers refuse to pay his ransom, Rokurou does the unthinkable: instead of begging for his life, he joins the very crew who kidnapped him.


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