Jashin-chan's battles are just getting started!!! Pre-registration for Dropkick on My Devil!! Chaos begins on G123!

1vs1 battle RPG of TV anime Dropkick on My Devil!! is here!

CTW Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Dropkick on My Devil!! Chaos as the latest game on G123. In line with this, worldwide pre-registration for the game has also begun.

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Dropkick on My Devil!! Chaos is a fierce one-on-one battle RPG between Jashin-chan, a demon from Hell, and Yurine Hanazono, a college girl living in a rundown apartment in Jimbocho.


Jashin-chan's at her limit! Feeling defenseless against Yurine, she turns to online shopping for power. Help her reach her original goal to “end” Yurine and equip her with the best gear so she can be stronger. 


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Meet the characters



A demon leisurely summoned by Yurine from a grimoire bought in a bookshop. Since Jashin-chan can return home if her summoner dies, day after day she attacks Yurine repeatedly, to no avail. Her regeneration powers make her near-immortal; even if she’s stabbed, closing the wound with superglue heals her. Her special attack is Dropkick and her second killer move is the Royal Copenhagen. She also has stress-induced gastritis.

Yurine Hanazono


A college student who loves horror and the occult, and the one who summoned Jashin-chan. She has a kindhearted side, such as treating people to meals when getting her part-time pay, and is adored by Minos and Medusa. However, she shows no mercy for Jashin-chan’s evil deeds and tortures the demon each time, going as far as mutilation. She always wears an eye patch over her left eye and is fond of gothic lolita-like clothes. She also has a tendency to buy weapons often.

How to pre-register

1. Register on the official game website

2. Follow the official X (formerly Twitter) account

At 50,000 pre-registrations, get Gems x800 and SSR Ally Poporon!

All players will receive awesome items when the game releases and items will vary depending on the number of pre-registrations. At 50,000 pre-registrations, everyone gets Gems x800 and an SSR Ally, Poporon. Don’t miss this chance to get a powerful ally at the very start and pre-register now!

10,000 pre-registrations:

Gems x100

30,000 pre-registrations:

Gems x500

50,000 pre-registrations:

Gems x800
SSR Poporon


Game Info


Title: Dropkick on My Devil!! Chaos
Genre: 1vs1 Battle RPG
Price: Free (in-game transactions available)

About the anime Dropkick on My Devil!!


A comedy that unfolds to the wicked cohabitation of one girl and the demon Jashin-chan!

Jashin-chan, a demon from Hell, gets summoned suddenly to the human world one day. Her summoner is Yurine Hanazono, a slightly sadistic college girl living in a rundown apartment in Jimbocho. Despite succeeding in summoning Jashin-chan, Yurine doesn’t know how to send her back. The two have no choice but to cohabit, but as Jashin-chan says, “the demon can return home if the summoner dies.” And the next thing Jashin-chan does is–?!


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